When you’re ready to experience the latest trend in dinner parties, the only choice is the Divas of park city interactive dinners, the Park City Dinner Divas! The trend setting, fun loving, party planners of Park City Utah that everyone is demanding.

Different from your typical dinner parties and social gatherings where everyone tends to cluster in small groups and really don’t get a meaningful experience from the party, interactive dinners bring your guests together for a more fulfilling and intimate gathering. Also known as participation dinners, guests interact with each other and the Divas in creating many parts of the meal. This is a fun, hands on way of getting your guests together and keeping them entertained! Plus with the guidance of the Diva’s culinary expertise and unique talents, you and your guests will enjoy a meal that will be a memorable and talked about experience for a long time to come!

If you love watching cooking shows, then an interactive dinner party is perfect for you! Interactive dinners are designed for parties of two to twelve people and take place in your kitchen. These parties are a great way to have fun cooking along with learning, from one of the highly skilled dinner Divas.